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The Lens is just an extension of our eyes


The way we do things.

Every photographer has a unique way of doing things. So what is our way?

Just like an artist we like to call our way “Real Story”. It is not a movie because it has actors. You are not actors, so we have to make your story as original and in the context of your mood and the way you want your special day to be.

There are many things around you make your day unique. These are things like ornaments, flowers, furniture and quaint objects that enhance your story. So we even use ordinary and unique things around you, with you and without you to capture how they interact with your own story.

No matter what we do, we do it in style to create the atmosphere, the drama, the passion and emotion by playing creatively with the objects, nature, light, wind, water and anything that adds value.

What you get are breath-taking and stunning visual heart-stoppers.

Plain video or something else?

Anyone can take a video of everything you do. It is somewhat raw and bland. We create something else with our videos for you.

We think, plan and shoot to capture your moment and actions by skillfully tapping into the resources such as light, angles, the position of the camera, movement and other techniques to capture the mood and emotion in each frame. So when you watch our videos you relive your occasion with joy, laughter, tears and recreate the moment long after your special day.

What about your guests’ cell phones and cameras?

Your guests are as excited as you are. They all want to be in. So you really can’t stop them from taking photos or videos. Just ask them to be discrete and tell them to enjoy watching the moment with their own eyes whenever possible without being in our way.  We don’t want to be ogres either but do allow us to do the best job for you.

All we ask for is mutual respect. Let the professionals get on with our job.

What about family and group photos?

Yep, we can accommodate family group photos. These are options you can select.

Oops, the weather packs up?

What happens if it rains cats and dogs or the freak snowfalls in summer?

That is part of our planning. Your actual day is in our Plan A but we also have Plan B and C if something unforeseen happens weatherwise. We will advise you how we will go about doing the photoshoots and videos if we have to take up Plan B or C.

Are we included in your dinner guest list?

We are only human and need a break and some food to keep us going. We’d like to be fed, please. But just the main meal will be fine. We’ll skip the entrees and dessert as we have work to do.

As per our chat and the package you have signed for, both of will know when we will start and when we pack up and go home.

What you see is what you get.

Did you like what you see on our website? Your wedding is unique. So, we don’t just don exactly the same for you. But we don’t compromise on quality. Yes, you can be assured that the quality you see on our website is the sort of quality you can expect for your wedding.

What if you have other professional photographers and videographers?

Hey, we are all professionals, we will work along with other photographers and videographers.

As long as we are told who they are, we will make sure we work together to get you the best shots.

Do you go where we go?

How long is a piece of string? Yes, we can discuss and travel to your location.

Who comes first?

Hmm, we can’t be all at different places at the same time although we’d like to. You can pencil you in but until you confirm, it will have to be first come first served to be fair to all.

How do we book?

You can book online or via phone call. We can meet in person or via Skype and confirm everything. Then you pay a booking fee and sign a contract. It is as simple as that.

What do we get?

Photos – You will get the best shots we select from all the shots we took. We eliminate the cross-eye, red-eye, blinking eye, picking the nose shots etc. You get the best shots. Happy?

Videos – Yes we filmed all day but you won’t get the raw movie. Depend on your expectations and budgets we can edit and give you the versions of the best sequences as a highlight video, a featured film or entire videos that tell the whole story in a powerful and memorable way. Just tell us what you want.

Music – We add the music to your movie story as we want to have the creative license to make sure the music we choose best represents the mood and emotion of your day.

When will we get the film and photos?

Editing is the most time-consuming and creative part of our job. To give you the best, we need to spend time. the delivery time for each project is different and we will discuss it with our clients in the meeting.