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Wedding Albums


Theft or computer failures can happen, but your wedding album will always remain with you. It’s a valuable item to share with friends, family, and future generations. Just like your grandmother may have shared a black and white photo of her and grandpa’s special day with you, you can pass on this album to your children or grandchildren someday. At The Page, we believe in classic things and our albums are printed in the traditional flush mount style on high-quality Silver Halide photographic paper. The albums are not only beautiful but also made to last, using the latest techniques and technology. You can customize the number of pages, starting from 10, and choose a few sizes such as 10X14  or 10×10 inches, to tell your story in the way you want it. With proper care, this album will last long enough to be passed down to your great-grandchildren. (But don’t leave it in the sun!)

The cover 

To ensure that your wedding album truly represents you, it all begins with the cover. With a range of options including authentic leather and Japanese silk covers, we are confident that you will find one that resonates with you emotionally.

Vintage Leather 

Our collection of genuine leather covers are inspired by nature and feature earthy tones and inviting textures that will elevate the look and feel of your wedding album. We take pride in sourcing only the highest quality hides, which are carefully selected and processed to highlight their natural beauty. It’s important to note that our Vintage Leathers may have natural growth and range markings that make each book, box, and album one-of-a-kind.

Flush Mount Album 

The flushmount albums are a customer favorite due to their design flexibility, high-quality print, and attention to detail. There are 12 size and shape options available in all cover materials and styles. The albums offer different printing options, including true photographic lustre, offset-printed smooth matte, tintoretto, satin art stocks, and inkjet-printed fine art. They are available in three page thicknesses: heavy, medium, and thin. The heavy pages are limited to true photo printing only, while the fine art printing is restricted to 30 medium pages or 40 thin pages and in sizes up to 14×10. The pages are mainly “panorama” style except for larger offset sizes, which require a discrete cut. Shipping is included in the price, and the albums come with a soft velvet bag and a silk-screened presentation box. Additional options include personal and studio embossing, translucent titles, copy albums, and packaging upgrades.



Lets call it an investment because we think of them as priceless, holding the memories and feelings of one of the best days of a person’s life (Mine is proudly displayed on the coffee table!) and there is just no other feeling quiet like being able to flip through the album while reliving the day. No amount of sliding or scrolling on the phone will ever replace the feeling of running your finger along with the leather or silk cover or the feeling of flipping through page after page and the smell of the paper.
The wedding album starts at $1300 at 10 pages/20 sides

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